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Border Invasion Pics -- May 14, 2009       
Web site updated with new video     
Video shows impossible task of Border Patrol agents...

Border Invasion Pics -- May 9, 2009       
New video posted     
Who knows what border intruders bring with them?

Border Invasion Pics -- April 27, 2009        
New invasion video posted     
This Border Invasion Pics video shows people invading the U.S. through a hole cut in old airport mat fencing. Note that no one from the U.S. Government checked to see if they had the flu.

Border Invasion Pics -- April 24, 2009       
New invasion photos posted     
New videos have been posted on They just keep coming. -- April 20, 2009       
The Web site has been updated once again     
New videos have been posted on -- One shows a citizen assisted capture. Another shows a bear using the same trail as the border intruders... -- April 18, 2009           sc      
The site has been updated     
We posted new videos on BIP. One of them is a thermal clip of a BP capture, from new volunteers in California - it is very good. There are also shots of a new hot trail which a bear travels...

Border Invasion Pics -- April 10, 2009       
Thermal images now posted on BIP site        
Border Invasions Pics is now featuring thermal images of drug smugglers. Check it out, and then ask yourselves why they don't stop this nonsense.

Border Invasion Pics -- April 8, 2009       
New video from posted     
For those who doubt that Border Invasion Pics catches heretofore unseen aspects of the invasion and pollution of our nation, just watch this video. -- You will see how a mule puts a large bale of dope on his back...

Border Invasion Pics -- March 15, 2009       
New invasion photos posted     
Check out this group of 27 people entering the U.S. Illegally on Feb. 28th. -- How is it that Border Invasion Pics knows where these people enter illegally and the Border Patrol doesn't? And they stepped over a vehicle barrier!

Border Invasion Pics / American Border Patrol -- February 24, 2009    
New video from   
This video from January 31 shows seventeen people walking along a trail used by illegal aliens. The Department of Homeland Security knows where they cross, but they just don't care - about them - or you. Click here to visit

American Border Patrol / -- February 23, 2009    
New video from Border Invasion Pics    
A new video taken February 15 by shows a group of at least six people invading the U.S. . Watch this twenty-second video and then demand action. Click here to visit

American Border Patrol / -- February 22, 2009   
New video from Border Invasion Pics   
A new video taken February 12 by shows a group of fourteen people invading the United States. Watch this one minute video and answer the question at the end.

Border Invasion Pics -- February 19, 2009   
Thirteen spotted invading the U. S. has posted new video of thirteen people invading the United States along well-known trails leading north from the border. Click here to see the group. -- Click here to see many more.

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