December 14, 2007

Wait A Minute!
Changes to Secure Fence Act Premature

USBP helicopter searches for illegal aliens who crossed new fence onto Ladd Ranch in Arizona. -- Contact your Senator - Say wait a minute! No changes in fence plan!

American Patrol
Let's See How We're Doing First
    As reported by World Net Daily, an amendment by Texas Senator Hutchinson to the Homeland Security bill would drop the requirement for the security fence as specified in the Secure Fence Act of 2006. "Much of the new fence has been up for less than 30 days. Why don't we see how well it's working before we decide to make changes in the underlying law?" asked Glenn Spencer of American Border Patrol.
    Spencer said ABP is just now launching an effort to see if the single fence is doing the job.
    "The Border Patrol just got its hands on the Boeing virtual fence and they don't yet know if it works," he added. "
    "This is what we meant by
Border Enforcement Evaluation First," Spencer said.

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