Mexican "threat" followed by "Black Helicopter" -- June 5, 2005
Report from American Border Patrol
Wednesday morning, June 1, 2005, American Border Patrol's Border Hawk UAV captured video of what appeared to be a Mexican Army Humvee full of soldiers pass and take up positions on a Border Patrol vehicle. A careful analysis of the video confirms the threat to the Border Patrol Agent.
This morning, American Border Patrol took photos of a "black helicopter" flying along the border in the U.S. (see below). ABP reports that the helicopter flew deep into Mexico and then returned, flying off along the border. "These are certainly unusual activities," said Glenn Spencer of ABP.





At left UH-1 Bell Helicopter flies along border near the San Pedro River in Arizona. Helicopter flew over home of veteran who reported absolutely no markings to identify it. (ABP has photo of chopper flying over the residence but will not release in because it would help identify the source.)


At left. UH-1 flying into Mexico. "At this point this chopper is well inside Mexico," reports Glenn Spencer of American Border Patrol who took the picture. The UH-1 flew out of sight and earshot according to Spencer. A few minutes later the chopper returned from Mexican airspace and flew off to the east following the border, according to Spencer.

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