Letter To The Editor

Note: As of the date of this posting on the AmericanPatrol.com site the item below was submitted to but had not been published in the publication to which it was addressed.

Re: Police Investigate Killings of Illegal Immigrants in Desert
Story published 10/23/02 in the New York Times (This letter not published)

I am quoted in this story. I spent about an hour with your reporter Madigan. During the interview I told him that the latest report was that the illegal aliens were killed by rival coyotes. He disputed my report. I called my Webmaster and read him the report directly. He seemed to dismiss it.

Now I read his opening line that puts "armed vigilantes" at the head of the suspect list. Incredible. It is obvious that Madigan was sent to Tucson to report on the killing of Mexicans by vigilantes and he wasn't going to let the facts get in the way of a good story.

I had arranged to have Madigan and his photographer accompany me on a tour of the border region along with Roger Barnett. That is definitely off.

Your should fire Madigan.

Glenn Spencer

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