Operation B. E. E. F. Updates

American Border Patrol -- April 4, 2007
ABP Releases Yuma Survey
A survey of the border patrolled by the Yuma Border Patrol station reveals extensive construction activity. Of the forty eight miles of southern border, as of March 22, there were 24 miles of vehicle barrier under construction, 9 miles of which included people barriers and 2.5 miles feature a double fence...

American Border Patrol -- March 13, 2007
ABP Surveys West end of Project 28
Project 28 is part of Boeing's SBInet contract to secure the border using technology. -- As part of Operation B.E.E.F., ABP performed an aerial survey of the Project 28 area on March 6. -- A video of the western part of Project 28 is shown in this report along with still photos.

American Border Patrol -- February 28, 2007
Video Report: Virtual fence fails
ABP's Border Cam was on duty late last night when a group of illegal aliens snuck across the border. Despite knowing when and where the aliens crossed the border and how many of them were involved, agents assigned to the Naco Station were challenged by so many people running in different directions. Watch Long Version / Short Version / See this PDF file