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Dumbing Down Success
Napolitano rejects congressional definition of border security
Houston Chronicle -- May 5

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Obama administration plans an "index" of southwest border security
    The Obama administration is taking a new tack in an effort to blunt GOP criticism of security along the southwestern border and lay the groundwork for yet another bid for comprehensive immigration reform in time for the 2012 election.
    Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano unveiled plans to develop an objective yardstick to "comprehensively and systematically" measure enforcement progress along the U.S. border with Mexico during testimony Wednesday before the Senate Committee on Homeland Security.
    The planned "border security index" would help combat "false and unsupported claims" that the southwest border is "wracked by violence" and inundated by waves of so-called "spill over violence" from Mexico's drug wars, said Napolitano, a former governor of the border state of Arizona.
    "Individual crimes do not tell the whole story," Napolitano insisted. "With the reliable and trusted measures of border security that we are developing and validating with third-party experts, we can provide an accurate picture of the state of the southwest border, prevent misperceptions about these communities and more precisely guide future border security investments."
    Napolitano said describing "operational control" of the border is "an archaic term" and a "limited term of art" that "makes for a sound bite, but it doesn't actually reflect the reality of what's happening at the border.
Red DotAmerican Patrol Report Comment
    Congress defined Operational Control in an unambiguous way and DHS has been trying to change it ever since. The people should support the congressional definition!

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