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How To Invade the U.S.?
Just Walk In
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American Patrol Report -- February 21  
    To show just how open our borders really are, this weekend a concerned citizen took his camera out to the desert just south of Interstate 8 in Arizona and took video of people walking into the U.S. Were they illegal aliens? Is the Pope a Catholic?
    A number of groups were spotted and reported; but the U.S. Border Patrol apprehended only one.
    We are showing just a part of the videos that were taken. (Click here to see.)
    These people had crossed 70 miles of open desert without being detected. Sensors were not triggered (or they were ignored) and the highly touted Predator B UAV didn't spot them (or the report was ignored.)
    Would DHS Secretary Napolitano be shocked to see this sort of thing? Probably not.
    We will show more of this action later on.

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