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Tecate Crossing Exposes DHS Failings
Jaziri could have just walked into U.S.
San Diego Union-Tribune -- January 27  
Old fence and old holes left in place near Tecate. See others.
Detained Tunisian cleric previously deported from Canada and France
    A history of derisive religious and political views and an international criminal past mark the Tunisian Muslim Cleric who snuck into the country from Mexico in early January.
    The man, Said Jaziri, was found hiding in the trunk of a BMW by Border Patrol agents who were tipped off by state firefighters. The firefighters had watched Jaziri and another man, a Mexican national, climb into the truck just off of Tierra del Sol Road, near the intersection of Moon Valley Road. The men had climbed a border wall and hiked overnight to reach the pick-up site on Jan. 11.
    Jaziri is being held at the San Luis Detention Center in Yuma as a material witness in the case against the driver, Kenneth Robert Lawler. Lawler, a citizen, is charged with immigrant smuggling.
Red DotGlenn Spencer -- American Border Patrol
    After Sen. Hutchinson's amendment gave the DHS discretion over what kind of fence to build on the U.S. – Mexico border, it proceeded to show us what it thought of us. Tecate, California, is a perfect example. While DHS did build some new fencing, it decided to leave intact miles of useless old mat fencing with holes in it. This is where the Tunisian Muslim Cleric entered our country.
    I make a short appearance tonight on Fox News' Justice with Judge Jeanine [9PM Eastern, 6PM Pacific] to explain the situation.
January 30: Spencer did not appear last night on Fox even though he taped the show on Friday. They didn't use it because Justice with Judge Jeanine was bumped by a Geraldo Rivera special. The blackout of American Border Patrol was thus continued by an open-borders jerk.

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