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Time for Reality
People Want Border Protected
Carl D. Goodson -- Shreveport (La.) Times -- May 25   
This fence (you can see through it) at ABP's ranch is 18 ft. high, and it works.
Put up a wall along the U.S.-Mexican Border
    In Arizona, they march and protest. Every night, the major network news program hosts speak of their outrage...
    Maybe one reason so many people support this law is the fact that each year more than 130,000 sex crimes are committed by illegal aliens in our country. More than 82,000 of these crimes are committed by illegal aliens that have been deported then re-entered our country illegally. This is an outrage...
    There is no doubt though that deportation alone is not enough. In September, the U.S. Border Patrol reported there are 1,300 miles of southern border not under effective control. There must be a deterrent to prevent people crossing the southern border illegally.
    I believe the best way to accomplish this would be to have a true wall along the border...

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