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The Fence and the Mexican Drug War
Truth Seeping Out
New York Times -- September 8
Fewer Drugs In America Means More Problems for Mexico
    Last week's horrific killings at the Ciudad Juarez drug treatment center were front-page news in Texas. The murders are partly the result of what happens in a market when restrictions on supply are imposed in a related market.
    It has become more difficult to ship drugs from Mexico to the U.S. because of increased border enforcement. This has decreased supply in the U.S. but increased supply in Mexico.
    The increased domestic competition in Mexico has pushed prices down, resulting in a large increase in Mexican drug addiction and the violence associated with it. Sadly, I imagine that the new giant border fence will make shipping drugs to the U.S. even more difficult and result in still more addiction -- and violence -- in Mexico.
Red Dot
American Patrol Report comment: Last December American Border Patrol first postulated that the Mexican drug war was a reaction to the construction of border fencing and barriers. Had its work not been blacked out, we might have been able to deal with the problem on both sides of the border realistically, not based on the myth of Calderon's crackdown.
Video Watch the YouTube video: The Fence and the Mexican Drug War (ten minutes)

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