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The Fence Fight
It Works -- So Don't Finish It
Lou Dobbs Tonight -- CNN -- March 10
Aguilar admits what American Border Patrol already knew -- See larger image...

Casey Wian: The construction of 670 miles of new fencing along the nearly 2,000 mile U.S./Mexico border is nearly complete. Physical barriers, roads, cameras and sensors have all forced Mexican drug cartels to change their tactics, but the flow of drugs across the border persists. Three dozen Republican lawmakers today wrote President Obama demanding that more fence be built, especially the double layered variety that has sharply reduced drug smuggling in places like San Diego.
Rep. Duncan Hunter: There's only about 60 miles of double border fence built like we have in San Diego, the rest is vehicle barriers, single-layer fence, which is not as proven as a double border fence to stop illegal aliens, drug trafficking, terrorists from coming across the southern border.
Wian: These pictures taken last week by a hidden game hunter's camera in the mountains south of Tucson, Arizona, show suspected drug smugglers carrying the large backpacks typical of the trade. Farther west near Yuma, Arizona Sunday, border patrol agents seized 800 pounds of marijuana in a camouflage utility trailer being towed by an all terrain vehicle through a wildlife refuge. And in San Diego Customs and Border Protection says this year, it has experienced an 800-percent increase in the number of pedestrians crossing at the San Ysidro point of entry with drugs taped to their bodies. [...]
Dobbs: ...So the question becomes why don't they in point of fact fence the entire 2,000 miles of that border with Mexico as a humanitarian gesture for Mexico which would then stop the violence.
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