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Nonsense About the Fence
Arizona Republic Paints False Picture 

American Patrol Report -- November 13  
Apprehensions plummet after double-layered fence built in near San Diego.

Reporter Stymied
    In today's Arizona Republic, reporter Sean Holsteage relies on anecdotal evidence to suggest that the border fence can be easily defeated. Let's look at the evidence.
    After the Department of Homeland Security built fifty miles of fence near Yuma, apprehensions of illegal aliens dropped 78%. At Columbus New Mexico even a fairly short fence cut apprehensions by 44%. At San Diego the ten-mile-wide double-layered fence cut apprehensions by 95%.
    Holsteage opens his report by describing how illegal aliens climbed over a fence near Naco: "They met up with the tallest obstacle the U.S. government has ever erected along the Mexican border: an 18-foot, mesh-metal fence west of here, with poles sunk deeply into concrete." The fact is that the fence near Naco is not 18-feet tall, it is 13-feet high, and, as reported by this Web page, it is "designed to climb." Click here for more.....

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