Palin joins McCain But Watch Out

August 30, 2008

This performance by Governor Sarah Palin is incredible. Palin was a supporter and fund-raiser for Pat Buchanan as far back as 1996.

One of Buchanan's main issues is illegal immigration and the need to control the border and enforce our laws. He is opposed to McCain's comprehensive immigration reform. Were she to selectively back off illegal immigration and support McCain's plan she would prove to be a sell-out and would hurt McCain more than helping them. She and McCain must know this. If they don't, we must make sure they do.

Video Watch Palin's speech accepting McCain's invitation to join him as Vice President

Video Watch MSNBC's Chuck Todd, Chris Matthews, and Pat Buchanan comment on Palin's nomination


Laura Ingraham stated on her radio show Friday morning that a few months ago she spoke with Palin and Palin told her that she was against "comprehensive immigration" reform. If it is true that she opposes McCain and Obama and Biden on amnesty and instead is for strong enforcement of the borders, this will get McCain more votes than he would lose from having another open-borders person on his ticket.

Is it okay to refer to Palin as Ms. November?

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