May 28, 2008

PBS Border Corruption Report
Frontline Skips Real Issues

American Patrol Report Commentary -- May 28  
Michael Gilliland, Corrupt CBP agent featured by Frontline

    The Frontline (PBS) special on border corruption featured l guero – "the white guy" or "the blond" as their example of corruption in Customs and Border Protection. Yet the accompanying NY Times story opened with a report about Raul Villarreal, a corrupt Border Patrol agent. Under the heading "some recent cases," the Times story included only the following names: Jose Olivas Jr, Jose Ramiro Arredondo, Miguel Angel Avina, Juan Luis Sanchez, Jose Magana, and Luis Francisco Alarid. Yet Frontline avoided the possible issue of Hispanic corruption and loyalty.
    Frontline also worked hard to suggest that building a fence is a waste of time. They edited the interview with Rep. Duncan Hunter, cutting out the part when he gave the statistics on how well the San Diego Border Fence works.
    The Frontline Web site contained much detailed back-up information about details of their report, but nowhere did they tell the American People how much fence had been built. They knew about American Border Patrol's aerial survey, but, like the rest of the "drive-by media," they refused to report on it. -- Click Here to Read More...
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