July 22, 2007

The "Ugly" Gambit*
Chertoff Moves to Arouse Compassion

Monstrosity Man
American Patrol
Selective Enforcement to Create "Monstrosities"
    Hoping to create a groundswell of opposition to immigration enforcement, DHS Secretary Chertoff has embarked on a program of selective enforcement that he describes as "gonna get ugly." "And, if they have kids at home... the kids are gonna get scared because Mommy or Daddy is not coming home," Chertoff told the Chicago Tribune Editorial Board.
    "Chertoff is selectively enforcing immigration law to create monstrosities," said Glenn Spencer of American Patrol. "He is doing this to evoke outrage and, ultimately, support for Bush's amnesty program."
    Spencer said that Chertoff's promise to build 150 miles of border fence was intended to gain support for amnesty. "Chertoff will stop at nothing, including telling bald-faced lies, to get amnesty and the American People should be prepared to respond accordingly," Spencer said.
*"opening move meant to gain advantage"

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