June 30, 2007

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"It's Proof That People Want"

Our observation: Chertoff says he will have 150 miles of fence completed by September. Stay tuned to Operation B.E.E.F. to see if he makes good on his promise!
C-SPAN II -- June 28
Dole speech prior to cloture vote
Senator Dole:
...And certainly there's one area in which we have much agreement, and that is securing our borders. Clearly the American People don't have any confidence at all in the promises that this will be done when there's a track record of total failure. 1986 three million illegal aliens and today of course twelve million or more....2006 - The Secure Fence Act - 700 miles of fencing to be built, only two miles have been built. And so my strong view is that it's not just promises, it's proof that people want. The American People want to see results, control of our borders. So we need to establish standards, metrics and show that they have been achieved.
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