June 18, 2007

Survey Finds Open Border
Nearly Half of 550 Miles Surveyed Has No Fence

Border monument without fence. Note water bottle. (See larger photo)
American Border Patrol
    A survey of 550 miles of U.S. Mexico border from New Mexico to the Pacific Ocean by American Border Patrol could find no evidence of border fencing of any sort on more than 240 miles of the border line surveyed .
    According to Glenn Spencer, head of ABP, construction of border fencing that had been halted in early March remained dormant, with one minor exception.
    A report of the findings of the survey will be sent to members of the Senate this week. "This report will contain some very stunning images of our open border," Spencer said.
    The survey was conducted on June 2 and June 5 using a specially equipped Cessna TU-206.

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