December 28, 2004

Ten Million Cross the Border
Border Patrol union chief's speech at The American Cause conference

T. J. Bonner, president, National Border Patrol Council
Preserving a Nation - The Battle to Secure America's Borders
Dec. 4, 2004
    T. J. Bonner:
Today as we sit here, and every other day, ten thousand, that's thousand, ten thousand illegal aliens will cross our border. The United States Border Patrol will catch about three thousand of those people. That means that every year the Border Patrol catches about a million people. Last year (2004) there was a twenty-five percent bump that can be attributed to president Bush's offer of amnesty. [...]
    Think about it. If an impoverished, uneducated Mexican can come wandering across the border unchallenged, consider how much easier it is for a well-financed, well-trained terrorist to do the exact same thing.
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