December 26, 2004

American Patrol's Person of the Year
Rick Oltman was key to success of Arizona Proposition 200

Rick Oltman
Years of Dedication and Discipline
Arizona's Proposition 200 will go down in history as a turning point in the battle against illegal immigration. While many played a part in the success of this ballot initiative, the one person who made the difference between victory and defeat was Rick Oltman of the Federation for American Immigration Reform. Rick went out on a limb to raise the funds to gather the signatures needed to get the initiative on the ballot. He used his excellent diplomatic skills to keep the Protect Arizona Now team together despite severe internal stress. The success of Proposition 200 is but one of many of major contributions that Rick Oltman has made in the fight against illegal immigration. He is American Patrol's 2004 Person of the Year.
Hear Rick on the George Putnam Show -- December 27, 2004:
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