December 18, 2004

Arizona Deputies Shot by Illegals
Son of Arizona State Rep. One of the Victims

Two Maricopa County sheriff's deputies were shot Thursday during the serving of a search warrant in east Mesa. A suspect was shot by a third deputy.
Excerpt from email from Arizona Rep. Russell Pearce
December 18 -- I was in Washington DC as an invite by the Brookings Institute to participate this last Thursday (12/16/04) on an immigration panel to debate the national policy on immigration (mostly on children, but certainly extended to the entire issue of legal, illegal, benefits and the impact on America, etc.) and while on the panel, I was interrupted and given a message to call LuAnne in reference to an emergency at home.  I called to find out my son Sean had been shot while executing a search warrant on a home for homicide suspects, and was being flown by helicopter to the hospital.  I later learned the suspects and the shooter were illegal aliens and had been issued matricula cards so they could get services in the United States. 
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