December 16, 2004

Tonna Says Legalize the Planet
Open the Floodgates to Stop the Flood
Lou Dobbs Tonight - CNN - December 15

Paul Tonna: Suffolk County, New York, legislator. (Home of Farmingville) - Contact this guy

Dobbs: You both agree that if we had proper border security
Tonna: No no no.
Dobbs: No?
Tonna: If we had proper immigration laws.
Dobbs: Can you have proper immigration laws without enforcing the borders?
Tonna: They go hand-in-hand.
Dobbs: No no no. Before you get off on the nuance. Here's the real deal. Let's cut through all of the nonsense. You cannot have immigration laws that work, no matter how liberal or conservative if you cannot enforce the security of your borders.
Tonna: I would say if you had proper functional laws you would be able to do a much better job with border security.
Dobbs: What is your resistance to border security Paul?
Tonna: Because there is a total denial that there is a huge need for this pool of labor...if people could come back an forth we would have better border security.
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