December 9, 2004

The "Josing" of America
CNN's Maria Hinojosa Advocates for Licenses for Illegals

Maria Hinojosa talks to illegal aliens - in Spanish.
CNN 'Daybreak' - December 9
Hinojosa: I asked some of them, how can the U.S. protect its borders if it provides them with a valid ID, even when they are in this country illegally.
Illegal Alien (translated by Hinojosa): This country definitely has to control its borders because it's dangerous not to know who's coming in, this man told me. But by giving us an ID and license then they would have a lot more control over who we are and what we do.

American Patrol: What nonsense. They don't want us to control the borders, and giving illegal aliens drivers licenses gives us no control over who they are and less control over what they do.
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