November 30, 2004

Bush Picks Hispanic for Commerce
Gutierrez Not an Affirmative Action Pick

George Bush and Carlos Gutierrez
Washington Post - Nov. 30
Nominee Led Kellogg's UpswingAP Internal Use Only
Gutierrez Considered a Surprise Pick to Lead Commerce Department
Carlos M. Gutierrez rose to the top of Kellogg by performing at every level. "He has this ability to focus in on the key issues, to talk to people about their concerns, weigh out the options and make the right decisions," said Ronald B. Larson, a professor of marketing at Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo, Mich., and a former Kellogg marketing researcher.
AmPat Comment: A good Choice - Gutierrez does not sound like the kind of guy who puts ethnicity above performance and he certainly should know just how corrupt Mexico is.

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