November 29, 2004

Senate Intel Bill Means Amnesty
U.S. Hangs in Balance

Los Angeles Daily News - November 25
Gallegly Speaks the Truth
    Rep. Elton Gallegly, R-Thousand Oaks, called the provisions "vital to our national security, " and said he would vote for intelligence reform only if it contained the more controversial measures.
    "If we sat back idly, that would have sent a clear signal that amnesty is OK," Gallegly said. "For us to roll on the immigration issue at this particular time would just set the stage for amnesty."
Gallegly and Spencer Go Way Back
Rep. Gallegly first met Glenn Spencer in December of 1993 when he attended a meeting of Voice of Citizens Together that was taped by CBS' "48 Hrs."

Red DotMake those calls to insist on the immigration provisions of the Intel Bill

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