November 23, 2004

911 Families Blow the Whistle on the
Senate Intelligence Bill
Gadiel's son died in the Twin Towers

Peter Gadiel, head of 911 families for a secure America.
Lou Dobbs Tonight - CNN - November 22
Peter Gadiel: If you talk to Senator Lieberman's office, "the issue is complex." It's not complex. For our members, the message we want to get across to the people of Connecticut, the people of California, Jane Harmon's district, and others, is that if you are in favor of the Collins, Lieberman, McCain bill, the Senate bill, then you are in favor of giving licenses to terrorists. If you support the Senate bill you are in favor of giving drivers licenses to illegal aliens. An illegal alien is someone who has not been identified properly. Any illegal alien can be a terrorist. We don't know who they are. Watch...
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