November 21, 2004

Senate 'Hellbent' on Illegal Alien Licenses
Sensenbrenner Shows Backbone

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New York Times
House Leadership Blocks Vote on Intelligence BillAP Internal Use Only
    ...House and Senate negotiators said that Mr. Sensenbrenner had been equally responsible for the decision to block a vote on the bill, which did not include a variety of provisions he had championed to broaden the powers of law-enforcement and immigration agencies.
    They said Mr. Sensenbrenner had been adamant that the bill include a provision to create federal standards for drivers' licenses to prevent them from being issued to illegal immigrants, a move widely criticized by civil liberties groups as a step toward a national identification card.
"Regrettably, the Senate thus far has been hellbent on ensuring illegal aliens can receive drivers' licenses, regardless of the security concerns," Mr. Sensenbrenner said in a statement.

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