November 10, 2004

Ridge and Powell Appease Mexican Invaders
Scent of Chamberlain In the Air

What they might have said. Ridge, left, and Creel, right.

Another appeasement. Neville Chamberlain meets with Adolph Hitler to stop Nazi advance. It didn't work.
Lou Dobbs Tonight - November 9
Casey Wian: Homeland Security Chief Tom Ridge and Mexican Interior Minister Santiago Creel stood under a portrait of Benito Juarez, the man who liberated Mexico from the French. Ridge and Creel spoke of their plans to liberate up to six million illegal aliens from U.S. immigration law.
Ridge: I think it's just important to reiterate that when the president spoke of a very specific approach to address the problem of so many illegal immigrants from Mexico and other places, while crossing our borders illegally, work, contribute to the vitality of businesses and our economic way of life.
Wian: There was no mention of the economic costs of illegal immigration....Creel has been the most strident critic of U.S. immigration policy. Just last week calling it absurd.
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