November 7, 2004

Missiles from Mexico?
4,000 missiles missing and border is wide open

Get the video - Terror From Below - see how they can do it.
Washington Post - Nov 7
Up to 4,000 surface-to-air missiles unaccounted for in Iraq
"Some U.S. analysts figure that as many as 4,000 surface-to-air missiles once under the control of Saddam Hussein's government remain unaccounted for.."
" The State Department estimated in 2003 that more than 40 aircraft have been struck by portable missiles since the 1970s, causing at least 24 crashes and more than 600 deaths worldwide."
American Border Patrol Exposes Threat
Dana: Last month Spencer demonstrated how a terrorist might sneak a weapon of mass destruction into the United States, coincidentally, the same day federal officials at this Texas airport detained a Middle Eastern with suspected Al Qaeda ties.

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