November 3, 2004

Battleground Moves to HR-10
Kerry and Reconquistas Defeated - Prop. 200 Wins

House Speaker Dennis Hastert
Lame Duck Session Looms Large
We said Bush would win. He did. (We hope we are wrong about the terrorist attack.) Proposition 200 won in Arizona. Now the illegal immigration battle moves to the upcoming Lame Duck session of Congress when the immigration provisions of HR-10 will be settled one way or another.
Scarborough Country -- August 3, 2004
Dennis Hastert: "...I was an advocate of putting the military on the border of putting a fence along that border, not to keep people out but to move people in in an orderly way so you can check to see who is coming in... And I don't favor an amnesty because when you create an amnesty situation you create another amnesty down the road because people think, well I can come in, I'll wait around, lay low, until then next amnesty comes."

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