October 30, 2004

Open Borders to Destroy America
"No taxation without representation" will bring an end to U.S. sovereignty

New voters cross the Mexican border.
Last hope to save nation fading fast
Sierra Vista, Ariz. -- Glenn Spencer, head of American Patrol, said today that the current fight over voter registration may soon be a quaint memory. "By allowing tens of millions of non-voting illegal aliens to remain in our midst and by not controlling the borders, our government is sealing our fate. The cry of 'no taxation without representation' that brought our nation together will soon tear us apart," Spencer said. He said there were three million illegal aliens in 1986 and now there are twenty million. "The trend is clear and there is no doubt that unless our government takes immediate action to enforce the law and close the borders and deport illegal aliens, this sovereign Republic is doomed," Spencer added. -- The organization's motto, "citizenship/ sovereignty/ law" was adopted twelve years ago.

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