Restaurant Owner Decried
October 23, 2004

I wondered who that guy was on CNN blatantly bragging that "if immigration wants 'em, let them come and get 'em [see this feature... the guy is the apparent owner of the Dillard House Restaurant in Dillard, Ga.]. I called that number at the Dillard House you posted and that SAME guy answered the phone. I could tell by his voice.

I told him I was with the I.R.S. and we'd be owning that place within the year. He said "I pay the highest wages in all of N. Georgia, Mexicans are the only ones who'll work for him and I (me) should come to work there since I was such a smartass."

American Patrol should post that @#!*%&!'s number in BIG PRINT !!!

--Name withheld by American Patrol

Webmaster: OK... here it is:

(800) 541-0671
Or (706) 746-5348
Dillard House Restaurant

US Highway 441
Dillard, GA 30537
Also: How to Report Illegal Aliens, Employers

The apparent owner of this restaurant was shown on a 'CNN Presents' show on the illegal alien invasion along with his illegal alien employees, one of whom admitted that he purchased a social security card in order to get his job. The owner doesn't seem to care, and indicated that he would continue to hire invaders in violation of federal law [see partial transcript below]:

HINOJOSA (voice-over): That's the heart of the argument here in Gwinnett County. Undocumented workers are hard for employers to resist. They work hard for less money and fewer benefits and they don't complain.

Ask Gabe about hard work. Forty-three years old, he works 14 to 16 hours a day six days a week.

GABE (an invader): I work six in the morning to 10, 11 all day. But for me it's normally. In my time that I work here, I don't see American people in the kitchen. The American people stay for the better jobs. Maybe they say, "I don't like to win $7 per hour, $8 per hour." The American people say, "Oh no, I like for me 15, 18, 20." But the Mexican people, it's six, seven, $8 per hour.

HINOJOSA: After four years, Gabe now supervises 20 other waiters.

GABE: Here's the scampi.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE [Appears to be the owner of the Dillard House]: He's an example of someone who started out as a busboy, I believe, and now, he's basically our assistant food and beverage manager. So he's a very valuable asset to our company.

HINOJOSA: Valuable as he is, his working here is not legal; neither is the way he got his job.

(on camera): Did you have to buy a social security card and a green card?

GABE: Yes.

HINOJOSA: How much did it cost?

GABE: Maybe one, $20 per each.

HINOJOSA: Now, if you found out that any of the people here were here in this country without proper documentation, what would you do? Would you fire them?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: No, I'd wait for someone to come get them. If they want to come get them, come get them. But as long as they're doing right by us, you know, they've got a job. [...]

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