October 22, 2004

Stop the Invasion?
The People Say Yes; Bush Says NO!
Poll Shows Dangerous Political Chasm

Lou Dobbs Tonight - October 21
Lou Dobbs: An alarming new study confirming what we've been reporting here for more than a year. An invasion of illegal aliens into this country is of great and rising concern to millions of Americans, a majority of Americans. And most Americans believe the government isn't doing enough to stop illegal aliens from crossing our borders.
Marcus Rosenbaum, NPR Sr. Editor: We sort of have a live wire sitting out there that I think nobody is willing to touch right now, and there's no real reason to because you're not going to solidify your base and your not going to really going to bring anybody over to your side...[bullshit]
Stephen Pelletier, Harvard Opinion Research: There is a concern that the government needs to become a little more strong in enforcing immigration laws and doing something about immigration. [A little more? -- a hell of a lot more, buster]
Dobbs: This new study comes as the White House is pressuring Congress to remove some immigration control measures from the massive intelligence reform legislation. Those measures would put more border patrol agents and expedite the deportation of illegal aliens. Ed Henry has the report. 
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