October 21, 2004

Bush Fights for Mexican Takeover
Pushes for Mexican IDs, Cut in Border Officers

(Traitor O'Reilly remains silent)
Lou Dobbs Tonight - October 20
Lou Dobbs: The White House tonight has stepped up its pressure on Congress to remove controversial measures on border security from the Intelligence reform bill.
Lisa Sylvester: The House bill calls for the expedited removal of illegal aliens who have been in the United States five years or less, bans the federal government from accepting foreign-issued consular cards, and expands the number of agents patrolling the border. But the Senate version does not contain the same provisions.
Rosemary Jenks (NumbersUSA): To think that we can address the 911 terrorist attacks without addressing immigration is putting our heads in the sand, which we have been doing for decades now with this out of control immigration policy.
Lisa Sylvester: But the Bush Administration is pressuring Congress to remove these provisions.
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