October 18, 2004

"Immigrant Nation, Divided Country"
What Does It Say?
Migrant Stories Do Not Show the Whole Picture

"How will we know when we have enough illegal aliens in our country, and how will we stop them then? - D.A. King
D.A. King is Great, but CNN Falls Short
    D.A. King does a good job of representing the growing number of Americans angry over the Mexican invasion, but CNN falls short.
    Most Americans are not immigrants, yet CNN calls us an "Immigrant Nation." Illegal aliens are not immigrants, yet CNN describes them as such. Most Mexican kids drop out of school. CNN features an illegal Hispanic student who earned a scholarship. The migrant family's stories elicit sympathy - by design. Corruption and lawlessness are forcing Mexicans north, but CNN skips that issue.
    "This CNN special is an improvement over similar efforts by the likes of National Geographic, but it is still biased in favor of the Mexican migrants," said Glenn Spencer of American Patrol. Spencer will have more to say on the special later today.
Watch and judge for yourself (6 separate segments).
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