October 16, 2004

Desperation Time in Arizona
Anti-Prop. 200 Jerks Use Actors to Tell Lies 

Transcript of Anti-Prop 200 ad
American Ambulance Representative:
"In my world, every second counts."
Note: American Ambulance is a private firm. This gal is probably a secretary there.
Member of United Phoenix Fire Fighters: "When lives are at stake, I don't have the time to check IDs."
Note: The IAFF represents firefighters. This guy probably isn't even a firefighter.
Narrator: If Proposition 200 passes, our police, firefighters and paramedics would be subject to fines if they provide lifesaving services without first checking IDs.
Member of United Phoenix Fire Fighters:
"If your hurt or in danger, you want me checking IDs?" (A phony?)
American Ambulance Representative:
"The only thing I want to think about is saving someone's life." (A phony?)
Member of United Phoenix Fire Fighters:
"Fire fighters, paramedics and police agree, Proposition 200 is not the answer."(A phony?)

ALL LIES: By federal law, illegal aliens in Arizona cannot be denied access to benefits and programs that are specifically exempted from verification. These programs include, but are not limited to, K-12 education, emergency health care, immunization programs, in-kind disaster relief, soup kitchens and other emergency food assistance, federal school lunch and breakfast programs, and those public services that are necessary to protect life or safety.
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