October 14, 2004

Unmanned Presidential Vehicle
Bush wrong about UAVs on border - and everything else - SO IS KERRY

ABP Is Flying UAVs, Not U.S.A.
From Immigration Question text

Mr. Schieffer: Let's go to a new question, Mr. President. I got more e-mail this week on this question than any other question, and it is about immigration. I'm told that at least 8,000 people cross our borders illegally every day. Some people believe this is a security issue, as you know. Some believe it's an economic issue. Some see it as a human rights issue.
Pres. Bush: ...
"We are increasing the border security of the United States. We've got 1,000 more border patrol agents on the southern border. We're using new equipment. We're using unmanned vehicles to spot people coming across. And we'll continue to do so over the next four years. It's a subject I'm very familiar with. After all, I was a border governor for a while."
Fact: American Border Patrol is the only organization patrolling the border with a UAV. His Israeli-operated UAV is no longer flying.
At left below: American Border Patrol Border Hawk spots illegal alien load vehicle on Mexican border - same day as Presidential debate.
See the Dreaded Question Asked...
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See ABP Border Hawk in Action....
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Kerry encourages Mexicans to have babies here. Kerry: "And thirdly, we need an earned legalization program for people who have been here for a long time, stayed out of trouble, got a job, paid their taxes, and their kids are American. We got to start moving them towards full citizenship out of the shadows."

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