October 12, 2004

The Perfect Question for Kerry
If the moderator had the guts

Villaraigosa appears with Mexican President Zedillo on front page of Los Angeles Times, Aug. 4, 1999.
Hypothetical Question & Answer
As Speaker of the California Assembly, Antonio Villaraigosa joined with the president of Mexico to kill Proposition 187, a measure that would have saved California from fiscal disaster and a Mexican takeover. He was a member of a reconquista Chicano organization, MEChA, and refused to repudiate its separatist goals. Why did you pick him as national co-chairman of your campaign?
Senator Kerry: I need every vote I can get, no matter what it costs the United States. I know I said Mexico is corrupt, but, I'm a Catholic, and
the Pope supports the Mexican reconquista. My wife is in favor of the takeover as well.

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