October 11, 2004

Columbus Day Cutout
Senate Skips Town to Avoid Invasion Issue

Log on to http://www.senate.gov. Find your Senator and call, send email and letters. Call toll-free using (877) 762-8762. Demand that they go back into session and pass the House version of HR 10.
These House provisions will stop the Mexican "Conquest of Azltan" and cut chances of terrorism
Unverifiable Consular Identification Cards
- Prohibits federal employees from accepting as evidence of identity any document issued by a foreign government other than an unexpired passport.
National Driver's License Standards - Establishes standards that states must meet in order for their driver's licenses and identification cards to be accepted as valid by federal agencies.
Identification Fraud - Increases the penalties for knowing using, transferring or possessing false identification documents. -- (See all immigration provisions on FAIR site)

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