October 9, 2004

Film Maker Goes Way Back with Spencer
Julie Hansen was third-grader when "48 Hrs" taped Spencer in 1993

Julie Hansen and cameraman, Tye, watch the Border Hawk at work.
A Real Coincidence
Palominas, Arizona - October 8
Palominas - October 8 - When Glenn Spencer agreed over the phone to work with student documentary film maker, Julie Hansen, he had never met her. It was only after she arrived and began work did he learn that Hansen was a third-grade student at Carpenter Ave. School in North Hollywood when "48 Hrs" taped a meeting of Voice of Citizens Together at the school. Hansen, and her cameraman, Tye, taped a flight of the Border Hawk and, later, the apprehension of 7 illegal aliens made possible by a report from an ABP "Hawkeye."

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