October 8, 2004

New Video Shows Terrorist
Threat from Mexico
How ABP Smuggled "WMD" Across Border

"Terror from Below" soon available on VHS and DVD.
"War Stories with Ollie North" - 9/12/04
U.S. Border Patrol Helicopter Pilot John Kimmel: "There is absolutely no reason to think that they're not bringing in terrorists. Notoriously the southern border of the United States is an easy place to enter the country illegally."
ABP Video Shows How
A twenty- four minute video produced by American Border Patrol makes the case that Mexico is a logical choice of terrorists who want to penetrate our borders and how they can easily smuggle a WMD into the U.S. You can watch it in broadband for free (see link below) or get a copy by donating $25 or more to ABP.
VideoWindows Media Player Format Broadband (Requires Free Media Player 9 Series)
Red DotOrder Your Copy Now! DVD & VHS available. Call (800) 600-8642 from 9-5 Pacific Mon.-Fri.

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