October 6, 2004

House Republicans Fight for America
Reject Bush Call for Open Borders

Lou Dobbs Tonight (CNN) - October 5
Rep. Roy Blunt: We think the border security provisions are important provisions. They're the one thing the 911 Commission called for that didn't make it in the Senate bill in any way. I think they make total sense. They are totally defensible....we intend to go forward with these provisions.
Second segment
Lou Dobbs: You have just heard Congressman Blunt, representing the leadership, take, to me at least, say they are going to defy the White House and move forward with the stricter provisions on immigration in the Intelligence Reform Bill. Are you surprised?
Rep. Tom Tancredo: Oh, yeah! This is wonderful news. The extent to which the house leadership has gone out on the limb on this one is amazing,. How many years have we been fighting this problem without any support from this environment and, all of a sudden, things are beginning to fall into line. I don't know why, but I'm very happy. Transcript

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