October 4, 2004

Politically Correct UAV Grounded
Israeli Operated Spy Plane Ends Test

Hermes UAV as show on Lou Dobbs Tonight, June 24. The craft was so noisy it could be heard from seven miles away, giving illegals plenty of time to take cover.
'October Surmise': Hermes Debacle
Ft. Huachuca (in Arizona) is the primary base for training military UAV operators. It is smack dab in the middle of the illegal alien invasion. But when the DHS decided to test UAVs on the border, they got an Israeli Hermes 450 and an Israeli crew (don't they spy on us?) instead of using American planes and crew. Why? Because our government didn't want to "militarize the border."
    Now, the Hermes has been grounded. It's success severely limited by its noise and DHS use restrictions. "This Hermes debacle is a perfect example of the mentality that has led to the wholesale invasion of the United States," said Glenn Spencer of American Patrol.

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