September 30, 2004

Major Media Won't Touch Mexican Invasion
Sixty Minutes Cancels -- Second Time This Year

See no illegal immigration, hear no illegal immigration, speak no illegal immigration.
An Open Conspiracy
Sierra Vista, Arizona
    On Sept. 1, producer Graham Messick of CBS's 60 Minutes visited Glenn Spencer of American Border Patrol (ABP) to plan for a special report on the border. Last week, Messick told Spencer that 60 Minutes would not be doing the report because, "the porous border is a given."
    "This is the second time this year 60 Minutes has canceled a border report," Spencer said. "I am now convinced that the major electronic media have decided not to 'see, hear or speak about illegal immigration.'" "This is an open conspiracy," he added.
    Spencer said that it is now up to organizations such as ABP, using technology such as the Internet, to get the truth to the people.
UPDATE: ABP has learned that they are still working on the story.

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