September 28, 2004

Daddy's Little Boy
Iraq is his Daddy's War and NAFTA was his Daddy's Idea

O'Reilly: You know a lot of people are not going to like that answer, you know that.
Bush: Well, it's a truthful answer.
The O'Reilly Factor - September 27, 2004
Bush: "I think the long-term solution for this issue on our border is for Mexico to grow a middle class. That's why I believe in NAFTA."
O'Reilly: "We'll be in the grave."
Bush: "I don't think so, it's happening." Transcript

We will be in the grave
Lou Dobbs Tonight
- January 6, 2004
Dobbs: And today, in your op-ed piece in "The New York Times," you suggest that NAFTA has hurt Mexico more than helped it. Why?
Joseph Stiglitz: (Former Chief Economist, World Bank)
....In fact, the gap between the United States and Mexico has actually grown in the decade. Real wages in Mexico have actually fallen, and the growth in Mexico in the last decade is much poorer than it was in the decades after, say, 1948.

See "NAFTA Gives Mexicans New Reasons to Leave Home"

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