September 26, 2004

It's Official: Terrorists are Crossing the Border
Statements on "War Stories" Reveal Some Truth

War Stories with Ollie North, September 12*
Billions Were a Joke
Asa Hutchinson: "We prided ourselves for hundreds of years for having open borders, but that world has changed since September 11."
Billions were spent to control the borders. Asa is now saying it was all a joke. According to Time Magazine, nothing has changed since 911.
Terrorists are Crossing
U.S. Border Patrol Helicopter Pilot John Kimmel:
"There is absolutely no reason to think that they're not bringing in terrorists. Notoriously the southern border of the United States is an easy place to enter the country illegally."
ABP showed how it could be done
The joke continues and it is on American citizens.
*Fox threatens legal action if we stream their material

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