September 23, 2004

Border Hawk Returns to Active Duty
Improved UAV will Resume Patrols Friday

"Private Eyes On the Border"
American Border Patrol, a non-profit public interest organization, will resume airborne patrols of the Mexican border tomorrow, September 24. Using the "Border Hawk," a specially designed unmanned aerial vehicle, ABP will send live images of border intruders out over the Internet. "We have made a number of improvements to the Border Hawk that we expect will increase its effectiveness, especially during night operations," said Glenn Spencer, president of ABP.
    The Border Hawk uses a GPS guidance system to fly to mission waypoints set in a Ground Control Station (GCS). Video images are sent by radio to the GCS and then via satellite link out over the Internet.
    The Border Hawk made history last April when it spotted illegal border crossers at night, HDNet, the high definition TV network, will be present to tape tomorrow's mission. Check this Web site for time and date of airing. 

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