September 21, 2004

The Great Disuniting of America
Arizona Prop. 200 reveals major chasm between people and powerful

Yes on Prop. 200!
Three Arizona politicians: McCain, Kolbe and Flake, at odds with the voters
Lou Dobbs Tonight - Sept. 20 - CNN
Lou Dobbs: In Broken Borders tonight we begin a series of special reports on the politics of illegal immigration. A proposed ballot measure in Arizona would block illegal aliens from voting and using state services. It's a measure that most Arizona voters overwhelmingly support, but several high ranking are fighting and fighting hard to defeat the measure. Casey Wian reports from Phoenix, Arizona.
Casey Wian: The Arizona desert has become the gateway to America for millions of illegal aliens. Many residents say they've had their fill of border crossers crowding their streets, schools and jails, and draining taxpayer resources. So it's no wonder that Proposition 200, dubbed Protect Arizona Now , has overwhelming support.

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