September11, 2004

Immigration Cover-up Continues
911 Staffer Appears on C-SPAN to Dupe the Public

Weasel Love Fest
911 Report and Immigration Policy
C-SPAN, Sept. 10
In an obscene demonstration of power and manipulation, 911 Commission staffer Susan Ginzberg showed up at the headquarters of an open borders group to deliver a report on 911 and immigration policy. Open borders advocates, including former INS head, (and traitor) Doris Meissner, Frank Sharry of the NIF, and Demetrios G. Papademetriou, host of the sham show, asked misleading questions. "The unsuspecting public would think that this staged deception was an official report," said Glenn Spencer of American Patrol.
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WATCH: Windows Media Player Format Part 1 / Part 2 -- See our feature on September 12, 2001

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