September 9, 2004

ABP Takes On "Khyber Pass"
Major invasion route exposed - 52 nabbed in two nights

Sept. 8 - 7:35 pm -- Group of ten illegal aliens reaches top of mountain pass, only to be met by ABP Team 1. Entire incident was broadcast live on the Internet.
Live Images Sent from Mountain
Coronado National Forest, Arizona -- As the Border Patrol begins to crack down on "Highway 101", American Border Patrol is beginning to focus its attention on what it calls the "Khyber Pass," a major human and drug smuggling route into the United States through the Huachuca Mountains. Last night ABP's Team 1 nabbed 20 illegal aliens. The Border Patrol was notified, but as of this report, ABP knows of only eight that were apprehended. See map of area. ABP nabbed 32 in the same area on Sept. 3. Watch....
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