September 4, 2004

ABP Nabs Intruders in Arizona Mountains
Watchdog group demonstrates technical prowess in rugged mountains

Part of group of twenty illegal aliens tries to hide on mountain trail. ABP infrared camera found them.
Nowhere to Hide
Coronado National Forest - Sept. 3
In a demonstration of personal bravery and technical prowess, American Border Patrol, the border watchdog group, helped the U.S. Border Patrol round up 20 illegal aliens who were trying to enter the U.S. by crossing the Huachuca mountains in Southeastern Arizona. ABP Team 1 hiked high into the mountains and sent live infrared images of the apprehension over the Internet via a ground control station. Almost three hours passed before the B.P. was able to reach the illegals with the aid of a DHS helicopter.
Red DotSee map of area. -- More video tomorrow. 

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